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What cutting techniques are suitable for underwater

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Underwater cutting technology is mainly used to hydrolyze waste bridge piles, wharfs, underwater pipelines, offshore salvage and nuclear pollution structures. Next, let our staff introduce cutting technology in detail:

1. Flame cutting: use hydrogen as combustible gas in water for fire cutting. Acetylene cutting is mainly based on the high-temperature molten metal material produced by acetylene burning oxygen, which can not produce seawater combustion. Due to the deep pressure rupture of acetylene about 15m, underwater construction is not suitable.

2. Arc oxygen cutting: the arc melts the hollow cutting strip produced by the workpiece, and the molten metal blows out oxygen from the hollow cutting strip to form steel pipe or silicon carbide, hollow cutting strip cutting mouth, arc stabilizer, waterproof coating or epoxy resin and other ceramic pipes. The cutting oxygen pressure shall be 0.5 ~ 0.7MPa higher than the water depth pressure. The speed of arc oxygen cutting is higher than that of flame cutting, with low technical requirements and simple equipment.

3. Molten electrode water jet arc cutting: use high-pressure jet water to blow away the arc to melt the metal. The surface of underwater cutting opening is clean and there is less slag hanging on the back. This is a very developed underwater fast cutting method with continuous feeding, high cutting current, high cutting speed and oxygen free.

4. Plasma arc cutting: since the plasma arc is cooled by water pressure, the no-load voltage of underwater cutting power supply is up to 180 v. generally, remote cutting is adopted to ensure safety. It is mainly used for water decomposition of nuclear pollution structures.


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