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Environmental requirements for underwater cutting

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Underwater cutting is another underwater project. With the rapid development of economy, underwater cutting is more and more widely used. What are the environmental requirements of underwater cutting?


1、 Project inspection. Before underwater operation, the operation procedure shall be determined. Understand the characteristics and structural characteristics of laser cutting parts. Whether there are inflammables and explosives or harmful chemicals. Special machinery, equipment and personnel shall be provided as appropriate. Prevent water safety and production safety accidents. Improve work efficiency and avoid blind work.

2、 Check water conditions and climate. In order to ensure the safety of underwater work, the climate, temperature, shelter and vortex must be investigated. Divers must hold relevant qualification certificates. Strictly implement underwater operation procedures and standards.

3、 Check diving equipment before drainage. The diver shall check whether the diving equipment can work normally before drainage. Underwater cutting enterprises shall be equipped with special communication tools, and immediately contact onshore operators to report the water situation and receive specific guidance.

4、 When cutting underwater, be careful not to float in the water. You should install a simple service platform or select some operating procedures on the project. Prevent safety risks.

5、 The visibility caused by some dirt in the water is not high, which affects the welding quality of the necessary level; Second, the heat conduction velocity of water is 30 times that of gas. Therefore, in underwater welding engineering, if not mastered well, it will lead to welding cracking; In addition, the harm of water working pressure will also endanger the difficulty coefficient of welding; At present, underwater welding is usually carried out by hand. However, due to the influence of underwater factors, workers cannot continue to work in the water. They only work intermittently, which is not conducive to the progress and quality of welding.

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