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Oil Terminal Platform transportation & Dismanting

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Characteristics oil tanker transportation mainly has the following three characteristics:

① Protective measures shall be taken. Oil cargoes have physical and chemical properties such as flammability, explosion, expansion, volatilization, solidification and toxicity. Oil tankers and oil loading and unloading ports or berths should have a series of facilities and corresponding protective measures to keep oil cargoes in normal state.

② One way transport. Half of the round-trip voyages of oil tankers are empty voyages. In order to improve the utilization rate of oil tankers, triangle routes shall be arranged as far as possible according to the source of goods, or other bulk goods shall be shipped on the return trip after tank cleaning, such as some chemicals (depending on the coating level of cargo tanks).

③ Large batch and long haul distance. In addition, the oil tanker can be moored at a single point in the open sea (see the wharf) and connected by floating pipes for loading and unloading operations. It is not limited by the depth of water at the wharf apron and the approach channel, and the loading and unloading efficiency is also high. Therefore, the selection and allocation of oil tankers with large loading capacity on the long-distance shipping line will achieve significant operational economic results. This is the main reason for the continuous development of large-scale oil tankers.

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