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Preparation before underwater fishing and hoisting

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Underwater fishing is dangerous, so it is very necessary to make preparations in advance. Before underwater fishing, please use lifting tools to prepare in advance. Next, follow Xiaobian to understand what should be prepared for underwater fishing before lifting?


1. Underwater exploration.

The construction company shall instruct special divers to record the underwater construction environment, flow environment, flow and water temperature as a step in preparing for salvage. In addition, careful inspection and symbols can fix the parts of the improvement line.

2. Cargo tonnage.

After specific exploration, calculate the weight of the fishing vessel and the specifications of the fishing equipment according to the cargo tonnage and underwater stress. In addition, the improvement line is fixed at the symbol position in advance and its hardness is checked. At the same time, the loading and unloading tonnage and conditions of the ship shall be recognized, and the relevant person in charge shall repeatedly check and confirm the loading and unloading tonnage and conditions.

3. Working environment.

After fishing and fixing, the suspension shall be coordinated with objective factors such as wind, wind direction, wave height and climatic conditions. When fishing underwater, please do not hang it in rainy days or storms, so as not to make the underwater operation unstable.

4. Diving fishing method.

In the fishing process, it is necessary to choose different methods according to different fishing targets. Generally speaking, the method of salvaging a sunken ship is different from that of salvaging a sunken ship. Construction enterprises should make different plans according to the salvage objectives.

5. Personnel and safety.

If you are ready, you should cooperate with the salvage work and select the right divers and coastal workers. Check whether the diving equipment and crane equipment are complete and normal, and reconfirm the safe operation standard.

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