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Matters to be done by underwater salvage personnel

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Underwater salvage refers to the process of salvaging flooded objects or removing navigation obstacles in channel and port waters.

Underwater fishing design survey. diving. Jam. Underwater blasting. Underwater cutting and underwater welding technology is a very comprehensive technology. Due to the particularity of its work nature and location, the risk coefficient of underwater fishing is much higher than that of ordinary industries, so more principles and matters should be followed. Underwater salvage personnel must do the following:


1、 Contingency is an important factor in the process of underwater fishing. In case of emergency, necessary adjustments and changes shall be made according to the situation to ensure the smooth progress of the work and their own safety.

2、 Each salvage project is faced with different situations, and each practice will bring you experience and improvement. At ordinary times, we should pay attention to collecting and sorting data, establish complete technical archives, establish case data after each project is completed, summarize experiences and lessons, and avoid similar mistakes again.

3、 There are many unknown factors in the process of underwater fishing. In the face of these factors, we must have a stable and calm attitude, make full preparations, avoid impatience and panic, and avoid unnecessary losses and injuries.

4、 Before formulating the rescue plan, we should make repeated research from the whole project, constantly improve every detail, and strive to be foolproof.

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