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What is channel dredging?

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Dredging is an underwater earthwork excavation project that uses manpower or machinery to dredge, expand or excavate deep rivers, lakes and other waters. For a long time, channel dredging has been an important measure for channel and port construction. Channel dredging is the operation of removing underwater sediment by dredger or other tools. Channel dredging is one of the main means of developing and maintaining channel scale, which is of great significance to channel engineering.

The ancient dredging method is to dig the sediment in the water on the ship (row, raft) with a long handle bucket spoon. Since the emergence of dredgers powered by steam engines in the 18th century, dredging tools have developed rapidly. Dredging is mostly used to maintain water depth in the middle and lower reaches and estuaries of some major rivers in the world. With the rapid growth of large dredgers, dredging plays a more and more important role in waterway engineering.

According to its working principle and mud conveying method, it can be divided into hydraulic and mechanical. Generally, the most suitable dredger shall be selected according to the soil quality and construction conditions of the dredging area to ensure the quality, construction speed and save investment of the dredging project.


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