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Precautions for underwater cutting construction

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(1) Investigate the landscape image, water depth, water temperature, flow rate and other environment of the operation area. It can be operated only when the wind force on the water surface is less than grade 6 and the flow velocity at the operation point is less than 0.1}0.3m/s.

(2) Before underwater cutting, determine the nature and structural characteristics of the cutting object and whether there are flammable, explosive and toxic substances in the working object. Objects that may fall or collapse shall be properly fixed, especially during underwater cutting, special attention shall be paid to prevent damage or damage to air supply pipes and cables.

(3) Before diving, check the insulation, water tightness and technical functions of cutting equipment and tools, diving devices, gas supply pipelines and cables, communication tools, etc. The oxygen hose shall be cleaned with steam or hot water, and the working pressure shall be 1.5 times. The lubricating grease shall not adhere to the inside and outside of the hose. Gas pipelines and cables shall be bound every 5m to avoid winding. After entering the water, the air inlet pipe, cable and signal wire shall be cleaned in time to make them in an Quan position to avoid damage.

(4) The upper radius of the working point shall match the water depth area, and other work shall not be carried out at the same time. During underwater operation, unburned gas or toxic gas escapes and floats on the water surface. Underwater operators shall take fire prevention measures and place the air supply pump in a favorable position to prevent underwater operators from inhaling fire or toxic gas poisoning.

(5) Before operation, the operator shall set up the operation site and remove the nearby obstacles. Underwater cutting shall not be suspended in water. The operation platform shall be installed in advance, or the object shall be selected at the operation position of Anquan, so as to avoid slag splashing or activities of itself, diving equipment, gas supply pipeline and cable.

(6) A communication device is required between the submersible cutter and the ground support personnel. After all preparations are stopped, the welder can start operation with the consent of the support personnel.

(7) Employees holding such work permits must perform underwater cutting.

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