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Basic principle of sunken ship salvage in underwater engineering

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What is the treatment principle of sunken ship salvage underwater engineering? The basic principle of underwater engineering is chemical grouting. Chemical grouting is to inject the pressure polymer material into the cracks of the building structure to solidify the grouting material in the cracks, so as to fill the cracks and stop water.

The underwater engineering of sunken ship salvage can use sealing joints, buried pipes and grouting algae to reach the crack tip area, which can not eliminate the stress concentration area formed in the tip area. Therefore, various factors should be carefully considered in the treatment process to improve the filling rate of grouting. For temperature cracks, considering the lag effect of concrete buildings on temperature, grouting treatment is generally carried out in the place with low temperature of concrete body, and the effect is good.


The main defects of serious water leakage such as holes and looseness of the whole concrete wall are carefully found and handled in the underwater salvage project of sunken ships. This step is the key to blocking the pipeline of the whole underwater project, which must be completed carefully, carefully and carefully. Only on this basis can the second step of sunken ship salvage be carried out.

Underwater engineering materials provide basic conditions for the technology of diving salvage team and play a supporting role. Superior performance and high-grade materials must finally be reflected in the application technology. No matter what material it is, it must match and adapt to the technical operation of the diving salvage team. Therefore, the sunken ship salvage underwater engineering specially prepares and produces polymer materials for plugging and repair.

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