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Common diseases and personal injuries of divers during underwater operation include decompression sickness, pulmonary barotrauma, diving crush injury and hypoxia. In order to avoid these conditions, divers should take the following preventive measures in addition to regular physical examination:

1. all diving rules must be strictly observed;

2. correctly understand the contents of operation tasks and select appropriate decompression methods and schemes according to the actual situation;

3. obey the judgment of the safety officer on the physical condition of the diving safety officer. In case of any physical discomfort, follow the safety command and prohibit diving;

4. in case of dyspnea and other discomfort symptoms during diving rescue and diving construction, the work shall be stopped immediately;

5. sufficient ventilation shall be ensured when using ventilated diving equipment. In case of insufficient or interrupted air supply, make full use of the residual air in the helmet to eliminate the fault in time. If the fault is difficult to be eliminated, the water shall be lifted immediately.

6. provide enough emergency gas cylinders for divers to deal with emergencies.

Moreover, before launching, divers should carefully observe the weather, water quality and geology of the launching operation area, master the operation methods and technical requirements, and formulate a safety disposal plan according to the site conditions. During diving operation, the diving operation vessel shall display lights and sizes as required. Diver operation time shall be carried out for diving operation, and periodic personnel replacement shall be carried out within one to two hours according to the actual situation of the rescue waters.


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