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Discussion on salvage method of sunken ship

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Sunken ship salvage in underwater salvage: six different methods can be adopted according to the size of sunken ship and the specific location of the event. However, various methods can be used alone, or comprehensive fishing method can be adopted according to specific events. The following is a detailed analysis of these six methods:

① Sealed cabin pumping and fishing method. The breach of the sunken ship shall be blocked first, and then the water in the ship shall be pumped out to make the ship float. Due to the difficulty of sealing, it is difficult to operate in case of strong wind and waves, so it is rarely used.

② Pontoon fishing method. After several buoys are inflated underwater, the sunken ship will surface through buoyancy. The buoyancy is large and reliable, and the construction is convenient and safe.

③ Ship prying fishing method. The bottom of a sunken ship is supported by a steel cable. When fishing, two or more fishing vessels are usually required to work together.


④ Foam fishing method. The lighter closed cell foamed plastic is fed into the sunken ship cabin to discharge the sea water, and the ship is lifted by foam buoyancy. This method can avoid the inconvenience of passing through the steel guide cable at the bottom of the sunken ship, reduce or avoid the work of the sealed cabin, and adapt to the work of sea wind and waves.

⑤ Cofferdam salvage method. When the ship sinks into the water area with small water depth, a weir can be built around the sunken ship, the water in the weir can be pumped out, the sunken ship can be closed or repaired, and then the floating ship can be irrigated and the cofferdam can be removed.

⑥ Inflatable drainage fishing method. It is the compressed air injected into the sunken ship cabin and discharged from the water body to make the sunken ship float.

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