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Charging basis for underwater salvage

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At present, many consumers come to our company for inspection and consultation on the underwater rescue price of our technicians. What is the price measurement standard? Why are some prices very low and some prices very high? Let our business people discuss it in detail.

First of all, underwater salvage refers to the use of technical means to salvage the underwater sunken ship or sunken ship of the project. Due to the weight, quality, age, size and even underwater environment, the project price cannot be calculated according to the working hours. The main standards are as follows:

1. Fishing quality. Generally, the larger the fishing weight, the greater the pressure of water intake equipment and the higher the fishing price. Because the company pointed out the high salvage cost.

2. Hydrological environment. Good water temperature environment, such as good visibility, no turbulence or vortex underwater, flat hydrology and low price.

3. Salvage era. Some specific equipment needs to be guaranteed and protected, so the price is often higher.

4. The size of the object. The larger the object, the longer the project time and the higher the price.

5. Difficulty of underwater work. In addition to the above four points, the longer the visibility of divers working underwater, the higher the general cost.


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