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How to ensure that the articles salvaged from underwater ships are not damaged?

Release time:2022-05-16 10:43:47 Browse:130Times

How to effectively preserve the sunken articles from damage in underwater salvage? Today, underwater salvage technicians have brought us detailed answers. Firstly, as one of the underwater operations, sunken ship underwater salvage has been more and more widely used in recent years with the development of science and technology and underwater skills. How to properly preserve underwater salvage items in water areas with strong water pressure, low visibility and inconvenient movement has become a necessary problem faced and considered by underwater operation companies.

So how to deal with it properly? Underwater salvage company is a formal Enterprise with engineering diving and salvage operation license issued by the state. Underwater fishing divers have been strictly trained and inspected. In the process of underwater salvage, health personnel can conduct a comprehensive analysis according to the preservation status, quality status and salvage feasibility of sunken articles.

Underwater salvage is a relatively cumbersome underwater project, which requires the cooperation between teams and the full cooperation of all joints to make the work go smoothly. Problems in any link are likely to lead to mission accidents, which shows the importance of teamwork for underwater fishing.


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