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Characteristics and prospects of offshore wind power generation

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1、 Advantages and features:

1. Rich resources

2. High utilization hours of power generation

3. Large single machine capacity

4. No land occupation

5. No water consumption

6. Suitable for large-scale development


2、 Prospects:

As one of the important fields of renewable energy development, offshore wind power will become an important development direction to promote the progress of wind power technology and promote the adjustment of energy structure. China is the fourth largest offshore wind power country in the world, accounting for 8% and 4% of the global offshore wind power market share. China is rich in offshore wind power resources. According to the surveying and mapping calculation of the China Meteorological Administration, the installed capacity of wind power at a height of 50 meters is about 200 million kilowatts in the range of 5 meters to 25 meters deep; With a water depth of 5 meters to 50 meters and a height of 70 meters, the installed capacity of wind power is about 500 million KW. Although the total exploitable amount of offshore wind power is only 1 / 5 of that of onshore wind power, the development potential of offshore wind power is greater in terms of exploitable proportion and unit area.

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