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Participated in the wreck removal and salvage project of amuriyah ship in the Middle East

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Project introduction:

Participated in the wreck removal and salvage project of amuriyah in the Middle East. The 150000 ton large oil tanker "amuriyah" was attacked and sank in the water in 1991. As the main construction vessel, our company "Hongbang 6" participated in assisting the general contractor mammoet salvage B.V. in the salvage operation of sunken ships.

Vessel information:


Kuwait / Iraq sea area,29°39’33.117N/48°5033.871E

General contractor

Mammoet Salvage

Total length


Profile width

44.2 mtrs

Profile depth


deadweight tonnage


Type of vessel

Oil tanker

Empty weight


Main salvage process: through chain saw operation and underwater electric cutting by divers, the hull is cut into lifting blocks with a weight of 500-700 tons. Finally, it is lifted and placed on the deck barge alongside by the "Hong bang6" lifting engineering ship.

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