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What principles should underwater salvage companies follow?

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1. Stability and reliability: since there are many unknown factors in underwater fishing operation, according to the characteristics of these unknown factors and based on the principle of stability and reliability, underwater fishing enterprises should be fully prepared in all aspects to avoid anxiety and maintain stability and reliability.

2. Meticulous: we should take a strict working attitude, consider comprehensive problems and pay careful attention to all kinds of work. Before formulating the salvage plan, we should think about the whole process, make repeated research and constantly improve each stage. This is actually an important step for Z. if there is a mistake, it may be fatal.


3. Contingency: it is also a common situation in the project to make necessary adjustments and changes to the original scheme or plan in case of emergencies in the process of underwater fishing. Therefore, it is necessary for the project manager to be flexible in the fishing process. When one's own strength is insufficient, one must rely on external strength to request support, or adopt new equipment and new technology.

4. Overall improvement: the situation faced by each underwater salvage project is different. Which practice will bring you experience and improvement. At ordinary times, we should pay attention to the collection and sorting of data. After the completion of the project, we should make a complete technical file, comprehensively summarize the experience and lessons, seriously reflect and understand the real significance.

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