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What are the precautions for underwater cutting operation?

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(1) DC arc welding power supply must be used for underwater cutting. The sensing current, escape current and lethal current of AC arc welding power source are much less than DC current. At the same time, different current frequencies have different effects on the human body.

(2) Ensure that the electrified equipment is well insulated from the diver's direct exposure to electric shock. Due to the long immersion time of live equipment in water, the insulation layer is easy to be damaged, resulting in leakage risk.

(3) Avoid hitting important parts of the body directly. Divers should wear diving suits and insulating gloves, and insulate diving equipment, especially the windows and collars on the diving surface, so as to increase the resistance to protect divers.

(4) During underwater cutting, if he wants to change the cutting strip or electrode or do other work, the diver must cut off the current. If the work needs to be continued, the welding rod shall be placed in the welding position before notifying the power supply.


(5) Before starting underwater cutting, the grounding wire shall be firmly fixed near the working point and in front of the diver to avoid current passing through the diver's body and make the diver part of the circuit. If spot welding is difficult, the grounding wire must be firmly connected.

(6) Divers should avoid underwater welding if they have wounds.

(7) The welding circuit is best to cut off the positive and negative current with a double lock switch. If there is only one switch, it is installed on the side of the welding tongs and tools.

(8) The diver himself should be in good condition, which will increase the resistance and avoid electric shock. At the same time, the risk of electric shock in fresh water is greater than that in seawater.

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